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J.T. Blackwell

Director of Business Development

TriTechne, Inc

P.O. Box 10565

Conway, AR 72034


TriTechne is committed to building next-evolution networks with next generation forces. As networks are evolving every day, so is the workforce. TriTechne believes in bridging the gap between the network, workforce and technology so that the three are merged together in order to build the right project team.Our workforce brings a mix of different skill sets, influences, and cultural knowledge into our designs. This unique corporate culture is the driving factor that has led to our successes in delivering our customer goals, but also recently our Technology Development breakthroughs. We empower our people to think creatively and broadly about everything. Starting on the foundation of our standardized company processes, but not constrained to try new things, our teams are constantly finding more efficient ways to deliver end products to our clients.

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