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formerly RepCom International

Steven Evans




2389 E. Venice Ave. #208

Venice, FL 34292


Rep Com International (RCI) was started in 1983 in Arlington, Texas. Divestiture of the AT&T system was taking place and there was a need for companies that had supply chain expertise that could support the new Regional Bell Operating Companies. RCI initially started supporting Southwestern Bell and the Independent Telephone companies geographically located in the same region. RCI expanded and formed a West region in 1988 and then a Southeast region in 1990. There are currently 22 sales engineers supporting our Principals in a 50 state service area. RCI is composed of sales professionals from the communications industry, ex-telco management personnel, and supply chain specialists that understand the nuances of getting the product to the customer in the telephony/broadband marketplace. RCI specializes in current and future technology designed to bring broadband to the rural and metropolitan networks. Test Equipment, network elements, OSP products, and safety items make up our product portfolio. RCI currently supports the following types of customers: Tier 1 Telecommunications Companies Tier 2 and 3 Independent Telecommunications Companies Broadband Providers Wireless Carriers Communications Distributors Telecom Contractors The Mission of Rep Com International (RCI) is to assist our customers in meeting challenges and to create greatest value for them. This is accomplished while concurrently maximizing sales and market share for the Principals we represent. We do this with a knowledgeable sales team that understands current and future technology and provides professional sales and support with the utmost integrity, and loyalty.

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